Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mis-measuring Trade

While we're on the subject of mis-measurement, what do Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Angola, and Libya all have in common? According to the World Trade Organisation they all trade a greater value of goods and services than they produce- see this link, for example.

This is news to me. The only way a country is likely to trade in excess of production is if it is a major re-exporter, like Hong Kong or Singapore. Yes it is possible for other countries to enjoy a trade:GDP ratio exceeding 100%- if you export every good and service you produce, and import every good and service you consume, the ratio could theoretically hit 200% without any re-exports- but I hardly think that is likely for the countries listed here.

If the ratio is incorrect, it is most likely due to mis-measurement of GDP, with the countries concerned exporting goods produced in the informal sector that slip under the radar of the statistics agency beancounters, and paying for imports with income earned in that same informal sector.

Thanks to Lolita for the pointer.

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