Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The HKMA is On Top of Things....

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong's de facto Central Bank, is on top of things... literally! In fact, being housed in the top 11 floors of IFC2, the world's 7th tallest building (and Hong Kong's tallest.... at least until the new ICC building going up across the harbour adds a few more floors).

Of course that's just a play on words, and an excuse to post a photo taken from the 84th floor of IFC2 (below). I'm currently spending a few hours a week at the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research, an institute funded by the HKMA, writing a paper on Hong Kong's deflation.

Hong Kong has a unique experience of deflation, as the graph below shows. Out of all developed economies, none other has experienced as large and persistent a deflation in recent times as Hong Kong- Japan is included in the graph as a comparison. I am using this unique Hong Kong data to improve our understanding of the business cycle.

The reason why this data is unique to Hong Kong is in large part due to Hong Kong's monetary policy. With a currency board, the central bank cannot respond to a negative shock by loosening monetary policy, so the economy experiences the full force of the shock. Additionally, the exchange rate cannot adjust (that's what the currency board is designed to keep fixed); prices must adjust in their stead for Hong Kong to regain competitiveness after a negative shock. In the case of Hong Kong's deflation, there were actually four negative shocks in quick succession that resulted in continuous deflation for 68 months (from November 1998 until June 2004): a massive wealth shock, as the property bubble burst (residential real estate lost 70% of this value peak-to-trough), the Asian Financial Crisis, the dot-com bubble bursting, and SARS all contributed to Hong Kong's deflationary experience.

And here's the promised picture from the 84th floor, looking towards Sheung Wan, on one of those all-too-rare days in August when the pollution levels were low, and you realise that there are islands visible on the horizon that you haven't seen for years! (Click on the photo to enlarge).

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