Saturday, April 5, 2008

Candy Money.....

What happens when an economy runs out of fiat money? Just such an outcome has occured in Argentina. With coins in short supply, stores have taken to using candy in place of small change. If candy can in turn be used to make small payments in other stores, then candy has become a form of commodity money. But if it cannot be used as payment, then the only beneficiaries of this practice will be the dentists! See this Freakonomics link for more.


Michael X said...

in Nan Ning, a city of China, when the ticket price rise from 1 to 1.2, a large amount of pennis are in demand. As a result, some people sell match at a surpising price: ten cents a stick!

Anonymous said...

We used to use candy money in my school canteen back home...our canteen manager must have majored in economics!

Anonymous said...

Anything related to liquidity?
I mean cash is much more liquid than candies.
So does it change the value?

james wilkins said...

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Nakabunot Kay said...

I just cannot imagine a penniless society. You see, I've been studying Philippine remittance for 3 years now and every penny counts for the overseas Filipinos. Just imagine sending candies instead of real money. The remittance Philippines is a strong industry and having candies even if it's just for coins will surely pull it down.

Anonymous said...

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marry said...

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