Friday, January 18, 2008

China vs. India

China and India share many similarities. Both are rapidly developing, relatively poor, huge economics who are together changing the shape of the world economy. But they have some fundamental differences, and their economic growth is occuring in radically different sectors. According to Marginal Revolution, that's mainly down to different labour laws. Read more here.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it true that Indian's average IQ is 81 while Chinese IQ is 105? If true, it is just a waste of time discussing China vs. India.

James Yetman said...

Did you know that average measured IQ increases significantly with each passing generation? I really don't think that this is because we're all on average smarter than our parents, but rather because we've got better at taking IQ tests.

When I see large differences in measured IQ across race or nationality, I assume the same explanation. There are substantial differences between India and China both culturally and in terms of their education system. These differences are likely to be far larger than any differences between inherent, underlying intelligence.

More ominously, if people believe they will outperform others just because "they're smarter" (which seems to be the thinking behind your comment), then that's a recipe for disaster. Economic development is far more dependent on applying your intelligence as a country to the production of wealth than just being smart. (How else would you explain China's poor economic performance in the past?)

To re-iterate my first point: I do not for a minute believe that the Chinese as a race are inately much smarter than Indians. And even if they were, that does not ensure better economic performance for China than India.

James Yetman said...

See this link:

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to compare India and China? It's no contest. Lets move on before all those pesky Indians start bickering.

Anonymous said...

WHy what r u gonna do ? stir fry me

Anonymous said...

And you're goning to smother me with your vindaloo?! Just accept it, the "average" iq of China is vastly superior to the average in India.

Anonymous said...

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