Monday, September 10, 2007

Exporting Junk

Mainland China has been in the international headlines recently, for some of the wrong reasons. Some goods exported from China are of poor quality, an in some cases are dangerous for their intended purpose. The media has focuses on the resulting dead pets and recalled toys.

Clearly there are quality issues with Mainland exports, but the response in the US in particular has indicated that maybe all trade with China should be subject to restrictions, as part of a popular move towards growing protectionism across the board. If China exports junk, then maybe it should be stopped!

Let's turn the tables on this argument for a moment. Yes, some of what China exports to the US may be junk. But China is not alone in this behaviour. As Daniel Gross of Slate points out, much of what the United States exports to China is also junk! See this story for more....

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