Friday, June 29, 2007

The Wit and Wisdom of Government....

I cannot verify that the following is true, but here is a reputed quote from a British Columbia Utilities Commission publication:

"The high cost of having several companies instead of a monopoly is evident if one contemplates the possibility of several sets of electrical wires connected to each customer".

If you cannot tell me what is wrong with that statement (and more importantly, the implications of that statement), then I would strongly advise you against taking ANY economics course- as you will fail! Unless of course one of the following applies....

1) you're still wearing nappies/diapers, and have not yet learned to talk
2) you're currently in a coma, from which you will recover before taking the course
3) for some other reason you're temporarily lacking full command of your mental faculties.

Actually, given what I understand of BC (I lived there for a year.... diligently studying Economics), maybe 3) can help to explain this.....


Anonymous said...

Dear James,

As a certified electrician I prefer one wire over many - handling is easier. Never the less as an obedient follower of Macroeconomics at HKU I fully agree with your statements.


Clemens Knezek, Austria

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